Thanks to for this photo.
If you have ever driven by the Post Office and wondered why the flag was flying at half-staff (as I have),
then you might find the following information helpful.
If you don't see a reason listed for your area, simply click on the bottom link to access your particular state's information,
if your state's leadership cares to share that information with you via the venue.



Are old railroad "torpedoes" being used in your area to cause an explosive flat that results in a small ragged hole all the way through the steel belts?
They used to be as ubiquitous on the railroad as flares.

If you are aware of a section of road that is having an unusual number of explosive blowouts, they probably are.

The explosive torpedoes are small, difficult to see, and are detonated by pressure.  They were used for warning trains.
I guess the perpetrators think it's a really cool prank.

Click on the link if you would like to see a picture and/or a video.

And on a down to earth note that affects us all:
Genetic Engineering scientists have been treating us to all sorts of unwanted things.
I wonder when they will finally unleash on us some type of horrendous virus that will wipe out most of mankind.

So far they've given us killer bees, genetically modified crops that cause stomach cancer in the animals they feed it to, honeybees that leave the hive leaving the rest to starve, weaponized smallpox, and who knows what sort of viruses.
For example, a UK government-funded study demonstrated that rats fed a GM potato developed potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, partial atrophy of the liver, and inhibited development of their brains, livers and testicles.  When the lead scientist went public with his concerns, he was promptly fired from his job after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit."

What next?

Genetics is incredibly complex with multiple millions of variables.
God can work with them.  Man is hit and miss.
I am reminded of the movie, "Captain Phillips" when one of the pirates decided he was going to fix the ship.
The pirates were holding guns.
Genetic scientists hold pipettes.

And we are the hostages.

Did you realize that in 2012 scientists released genetically modified mosquitos in dengue fever research in South America?
Now a few years later we've got zika virus spreading around from South American mosquitos.
Did they "fix de ship"?

From another source:
iv. Concerns that animals engineered in biomedical
research to be models of human diseases might
escape and infect the human (and animal)
population, or might generate new and more
resistant strains of the disease.

v. Concerns that organs from genetically modified
animals might transmit viral diesases if used in
human transplant surgery.

vi. Concerns that genetically modified animals
might be accidentally or deliberately
released into the environment, causing
various forms of ecological disaster as the
introduction of alien species is wont to
do.Transgenic fish, particularly salmon
designed to grow at a faster rate, are
often used as an example here, though of
course it is not only genetically modified
animals which are capable of creating
ecological problems.


I suppose the movie "Interstellar" has spawned a great deal of interest in Einstein's relativity and black holes, etc.
Now scientists say that they have "heard" black holes crashing together.
Of course since there is no air in space for sound waves to travel in the scientists mean they have heard radio (electromagnetic/gravitational/black hole) waves that they attribute to black holes crashing together.

Sounds like as good a guess as any to me. 
Might be, however, stars crashing together, pulsars freaking out, black hole near misses, or aliens sending a radio wave tune they particularly enjoy (the scientists said the notes hit around Middle C which is solidly in the middle of the tenor range.  We could therefore state emphatically, "Aliens probably sing tenor!").
Stating something emphatically does not make it so,,,, black holes crashing or aliens singing tenor, either one.

I guess many of us are becoming familiar with Einstein's theory that says that a body moving near the speed of light will have time slow down for it (hence the guy in "Interstellar" comes back to earth 70 years later with him having aged only a few days and his daughter on her old and infirm death bed).
Such stuff makes for a great movie.  I enjoyed it.

Consider this however.
If I am walking along the highway and you pass me doing 55 MPH, you are moving away from me at 55 MPH, but also (relativistically speaking) I am moving away from you at 55 MPH also.

Now in space this is especially true because there is no way to tell who is moving away from who (after the feeling of initial acceleration is gone).
So let's say we are the "Interstellar" crew and that Earth and we are moving apart near the speed of light.
Are we going to be younger at the end of the trip or are the earthlings (who were moving away from us at the speed of light) going to be younger?

And if mass becomes infinite at the speed of light (which is connected to the black hole theory) then why are we not bombarded by lightning bugs shooting out infinitely massive photons (which are one of the properties of light)?

I say all that stuff is conjecture.  What we do know is that matter is composed of energy (thus Eintein's E= MC^2) which was derived from a very old and simple physics equation.  This gives us nuclear energy and destruction.
All this stuff about time slowing down and black holes crashing together and infinite mass might be fun to think about,,,,
but the truth is,,,,,  God has put many things beyond our ability to fully understand them.
We just don't know.


I am thankful to God for the fact that we live in a country with many Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
Many people in the world today and throughout history have not been so blessed.

Therefore when I heard someone in authority say "He deserved to be roughed up" [for exercising his Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech],,,
I asked myself,
How will it be if the cannon is turned upon me?

Charles Bryant Edwards

For those of you with computers running Windows 8.1
you are most likely aware of the fact that Windows is offering a "free" upgrade for the Home version of the new Windows 10.

It is almost enough to make us think that there really does exist the
"free lunch phenomena" !!!

Please consider this fact:
with Windows 10 the computer owner loses control of which updates he or she wishes to install at any time in the future; contrary to all previous versions of Windows.
No update control at all for Home users and very little control (only a few delaying options) for professional and business versions.

It has been reported that the Windows 10 will be automatically updating a program (probably the "malicious software removal tool") and running it on your computer.
Under Windows 8.1 (if you have updated Windows recently) you might have installed the "malicious software removal tool" which is supposed to only run once and then wait for you to update the database again.  No matter how many times it runs, the Windows 8.1 "malicious software removal tool" is redundant for most users because most comprehensive virus software programs also check for harmful software.  You can remove the Windows 8.1 "malicious software removal tool",  if you wish, with an image backup prior to the installation of the program and then not selecting the update when you run your Windows update from the control panel again.

By the way, in order to prevent the unintentional download and installation of Windows 10, you must uncheck the optional box for Windows 10 in the windows update listing.  It is listed under Optional Updates and they check it for you each time you check for updates.
They really, really, really want to give you the "free" Windows 10!!!
Free spyware from Microsoft,,,, can you believe it???

In any event, there won't be any choice for updates of any type with Windows 10.  They will be automatically installed with no option to turn them off or select which ones you want or don't want.

It has been reported that in Windows 10, an imbedded program will search your computer for counterfeit software and illegal hardware.
In this case malicious means counterfeit, whether the software hurts your computer or not.
What it does with that info,,,,, who knows????
Suppose one of your son's friends comes over and they hook up and play a counterfeit game with a non-approved hardware game player?
What will the authorities do?
Shut down your computer? 
Send an FBI swat team?
Fine you $250,000 for a movie?
And if you complain, they just bring out the "user agreement" you agreed to.

To me it seems rather like a search of your computer home without a warrant.
And as time goes on, who knows what else they'll update to start running on your computer.
Who did you chat with?  Who did you e-mail?
And lots of folks were worried about the NSA.
Now any spying desired will be accomplished "legally" through the

Windows 10 will surely "work" for husbands, wives, kids, professionals, and businesses.
Yep,,,, it'll work just dandy.
If that's the kind of "work" you want your computer operating system to do for you the folks it reports its findings to.
The manufacturer is obviously interested in it doing that kind of work.  I wonder why???

Windows 10?
Free lunch?
I'd say it comes with a  pretty hefty price tag.


Hello, friends.
Please be aware and let your friends know that selling your life insurance policy as advertised on FOX News tonight 7/30/2015 at around 7:45PM, carries with it an inherent risk which is not readily discernable.

First of all;
What is "selling your life insurance policy"?
Selling your life insurance policy is exchanging all or part of the  DEATH  BENEFIT (ownership)  of the policy for money.

"Selling your life insurance policy"  IS  NOT  the same thing as surrendering or taking a loan with the issuing company for its cash value (if it has any cash value built up in it).
That is why they say in the ad that you can even "sell your term life insurance policy".  Term life insurance generally has no cash value to loan or surrender.

When you surrender  your life insurance policy to the issuing company you receive the cash value built up in it and there is no more death benefit because the policy is gone, over, finished.  If you take a loan against a cash value policy you maintain ownership of the death benefit (meaning no one but your named beneficiary will receive a monetary benefit when you die which is reduced by the amount of the loan).
There are many cases where surrendering or taking a loan with the issuing company on your cash value life insurance makes good sense.
If you surrender or take a loan from the issuing company they are not buying your policy back but rather are dealing with you and your money.   The issuing company will not receive any benefit from your early death.

Secondly (and herein is the problem; I would say  DANGER! in "selling your life insurance");
In selling the death benefit or policy to someone else for money, that means the person buying your policy (or part of it) will then be waiting for you to die in order to recoup his/her money paid to you and make a profit for themselves.

It means that the sooner you die after you sell the policy the sooner the buyer(s) recoup(s) his/her/their money and turns a profit.

When you sell your life insurance policy to a company; that means that a bunch of strangers to you are waiting and basically hoping that you will die so they can collect the death benefit that you have sold (assigned) to them.  That is why they are willing to pay you cash for a term policy which has no cash value.  They are betting that they will make money off the death benefit when you die.  As a matter of fact, the  ONLY way they can make money back on a no cash value term policy is through the death benefit on your life, and they will make many times over the cash value from the death benefit on your cash value life insurance if you sell it to them.

It's up to you.  Personally, I don't want a bunch of strangers waiting around hoping I'll die.  The sooner the better.
What good can that lead to if you are wanting to live?
If you are looking to enter an early grave, then giving strangers the monetary incentive to see you dead might be a good thing.
I'm not saying that your early death is the motive of companies offering to buy your life insurance but I am making a general observation.

Most life insurance companies have strict rules against what is called STOLI (stranger owned life insurance).
That is because it is against public policy to have strangers waiting to profit from your death.

Remember this simple fact:
The company which issues your life policy is hoping you will live.
(They would rather not pay out the death benefit any sooner than necessary.)  The longer the better.

A company which buys your life policy is hoping you will die.
(They are looking to make money off the death benefit of the inforce policy they purchased from you on your life.)  The sooner the better.

Life insurance has been, and continues to be, a wonderful blessing to our society;
enabling us to provide for our loved ones even if death cuts our time short. 
It has been a gift of love sending children to school, keeping widows in their homes, enabling charitable work,
relieving financial disaster when grief disables us,
and letting our named loved ones put us away with dignity and respect when death steals our time.

May it continue to be so.
Like there are those who rob banks,,,, there are those who would turn life insurance into something evil.
Let us not unwittingly allow it be twisted into death for profit.

Charles Bryant Edwards, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

For those of you who enjoyed the films, "Pirates of the Caribbean", as I did, you might enjoy this short flashback.
She's gone (destroyed in a storm) but not forgotten.

If you wish to give your emotions a workout;
then simply click on this link,
skip the ad, turn the lights down low, set the video on full screen, turn up the sound, and sit back and relax.

Be prepared to experience a reminiscing, emotional workout consisting of
nostalgia, joy, sadness, loss, excitement, melancholy, beauty, and your own indescribable feelings.
And as an additional treat, get to see the man who wrote the inspiring musical score.
I hope that you enjoy it.


It appears, according to news articles and advertisements, that we as a country are moving swiftly towards driverless cars and trucks.
These computer controlled vehicles will soon be prowling our streets, highways, and interstates while occupants of the vehicle do whatever suits them, as they ride along in computerized safety.

Some folks, like myself, feel there are inherent dangers in the aforementioned scenario which are impossible to overcome owing not to technology,,,,, but rather to human nature.

When I've mentioned such possibilities to others, I've been met with comments as to how safe it will be once the glitches are worked out.

I think those who feel that way should gather all of their best arguments as to the safety and convenience of such transportation
and tell them to the pilots of example 1, and example 2.

I feel certain that if computerized controlled gound transportation is brought to pass, when it happens we will have progressed from
computer pac man, to computer hack man, to computer car hit man (could be called; ready, aim, tire).

How easy it will be to send a computerized tractor trailer careening into the path of a cheating husband.
And who's to even get caught?
A computer motherboard could not be tried for murder.
How could it be done?
Have you got your GPS account turned on?

And would a computer ever mistake the southbound lane from the northbound lane a few feet away during a thunderstorm?
Personally, I don't care to bet my life on it while a truck "driver" is monitoring his computer system doing 55 miles per hour.


Is this the path and pattern upon which we and much of the world are now embarking?

1.  Ten year delay imposed on Iran openly having and deploying nuclear weapons.

2.  During said ten year delay, increasingly virulent anti-Semitism at home and abroad (already occurring in France, Denmark, Germany [Mein Kampf republished]).

3.  Increasingly virulent anti-Semitism resulting in a much increased concentration of Jews in Israel (actual emigration of Jews from France).

4.  At the expiration of the ten year delay, a full scale, genocidal (EMP, or perhaps even suicidal), nuclear attack on Israel's Jews.

5.  Centuries old racist mission accomplished in just ten more years.  Worldwide Jewry all but eliminated.

6.  On to the next presently declared step:  radical Islamic "beheading" of infidels everywhere, with "small" (arena, stadium, racetrack size) nuclear bombs going off like popcorn all over the Iranian control resisting world (and as far as striking back, who would know for certain who it was that left the nuclear loaded pressure cooker in the football or soccer stadium trashcan for the fifteen minutes before it leveled the entire stadium?).

And I for one do not want to depend on medical head transplanting to save me and my family. 
They can't even reconnect the optical nerves of an eyeball alone.

Let us pray that it is not that road we are now about to embark upon.

The Center for Defense Information (CDI) claims that a detailed training replica—with dummy explosives and no fissionable material—was routinely concealed inside a briefcase and hand-carried on domestic airline flights in the early 1980s.[4][better source needed]

While the explosive power of the W54—up to an equivalent of 6 kiloton[a] of TNT (though the more common yield was much lower)—is not much by the normal standards of a nuclear weapon (the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II were around 16 to 21 kilotons each), their value lies in their ability to be easily smuggled across borders, transported by means widely available, and placed as close to the target as possible.

Could ninety seven percent of the scientific community be wrong about anything?
Could only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, and lunatics hold an unpopular and differing opinion of something the scientific community agreed upon to the tune of ninety seven percent?

We are expected to think so and the simple fact that ninety seven percent agreement leads one to think so.
And it is a simple fact that a ninety seven percent consensus makes it unpleasant to hold a differing view.

Can you think of any subject that falls into that category?
Can you think of a supposedly scientific "fact" that is popularly held and supported by incontrovertible consensus
rather than incontrovertible evidence?

I think most every one of us can as we try to keep warm during this arctic blast.

However would that obvious subject, that we can all determine, be the only one that falls into such a category of ninety seven percent scientific agreement?


For instance,,,,, what have we been taught all our lives about the Egyptian Pyramids in Giza?
You know,,,, the three really well known ones.

Well,,,, "of course" we all "know" that they were supposedly built by the Egyptians with ropes and log rollers of some sort as tombs of the Pharaohs.
Two million huge blocks in twenty years = one placed every three minutes twenty four/seven with no interior torch lighting? 
Well, they supposedly pulled on the ropes really fast and ate lots of carrots.
National Geographic has this nailed down.  Book closed, read the next chapter and come back tomorrow.
The entire archaeological community says this.  We've all been taught this.  We've had no reason to question this.

Only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, and lunatics hold an unpopular and differing opinion of this.
Oh yes,,, and let's add religious heretics and delusional believers in the aliens  (that science spends millions of dollars on trying to discover with radio telescopes, plaques sent into space, etc.).

And the fact that the climate has changed in Egypt over the preceeding millenia with no regard to carbon,,,, dioxide or otherwise has nothing to do with anything.

But what if we were to discover that there have never been found any mummies in those pyramids (with the exception of a mummy put there by an archaeologist determined to prove they were tombs.  Oh,, and it turned out the mummy was not old enough.  Sorta like putting some really old original Kentucky Fried Chicken remnants in the Smithsonian and claiming they were from a tiny pterodactyl.  Oooooops......)
"Inside the Third Pyramid proper, not an inscription, not a statue, not a decorated wall have been found; just stark, austere precision. The only purported evidence proved to be a false pretense: the fragments of the wooden coffin inscribed with the name of Menkara proved to be from a time some 2,000 years after his reign; and the mummy "matching" the coffin was from early Christian times. There is thus not a shred of evidence to support the notion that Menkara—or any Pharaoh for that matter—had anything to do with creating and building the pyramid itself. "

My, my, an archaeological scientist wrote the name of a Pharoah on who knows whose coffin and crammed it into one of the Giza pyramids....
Scientists wouldn't do that.  Would they?

And of course,,,, anyone with more than a surface knowledge of the Great Pyramid "knows" that it was supposedly built by Khufu as his tomb but he didn't get put in there because he forgot to make the tunnel wide enough or something (sorta like the GEICO commercial).  We "know" this because Khufu's name was supposedly found written in hieroglyphs inside the pyramid in red paint.

But what if were to learn that there was an eyewitness to the "discoverer" having his employee go into the pyramid with a brush and a can of red paint to find Khufu's name written in red paint.
And when that eyewitness (back in 1837) blew the whistle,,,, guess what,,,,, he got fired and had his career ruined.
And what if we were to learn that the guy with the paintbrush dribbled his red paint and additionally "misspelled" Khufu's name by copying an earlier mistaken rendering of Khufu's name written before the Great Pyramid had even been opened up (with dynamite no less).   oooops.... 

Sorta like an archaeologist in the distant future from now going into a ruined building and deciding it has to be a restaurant and thus painting Diamond Tuesday on the wall
in ruby colored paint and bringing in a few tables, chairs and KFC chicken bones to prove it,,,, only to discover later that the ancient restaurant chain was called Tuby Ruesday and the building he painted Diamond Tuesday on the wall ended up having been built before the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving.  Long before there was a Diamond Tuesday, a Ruby Monday, or a Zirconia Wednesday.  And no one was sure what the building was for, because there were only KFC chicken bones and no Tuby Ruesday chicken bones and the tables were from a library and never had any food on them at all and the chairs turned out to be barber chairs.  So the only thing they ended up sure of was that the building the future archaeologist discovered was not a restaurant.  But the future archaeologist had already become rich and famous because he was thought to be the only man who could hang a name on Ruby Tuesday. 
So much for that example,,,,, let's say Goodbye, Tuby Ruesday.  Still we're gonna' miss you.

And what if we were to learn that the "discoverer", Vyse, in 1837 wrote the stupid mistake in his own journal (sort of a smoking gun).
But of course he had no reason whatsoever to do this,,,,
other than fame, glory and money.
Of course we all know that no archaeological scientist would do something like that for fame, glory and money......  Now would they???????

But do we hear any of that from the vast majority of the scientific archaeological community?
Of course not.  They would be ridiculed, lose their job, lose their funding, and not allowed to explore further in Egypt.
It's Khufu's tomb built by the Egyptians with ropes and log rollers... 
National Geographic has this nailed down.  Book closed,,, read the next chapter and come back tomorrow.

And that is a greater consensus than ninety seven percent,,,
try ninety nine point nine percent toe that line.
Only crackpots, idiots, conspiracy theorists, lunatics, religious heretics, and delusional believers in aliens hold a different opinion on the Great Pyramid and other scientific consensus.


Charles Bryant Edwards

Every year an illumination memorial ceremony is held at the Antietam Battlefield near Sharpsburg, Maryland.
Each candle represents a casualty in the Civil War battle.  There are over 23,000 of them burning.
This picture shows only a portion of them.
Each Candle Represents A Casualty
Each candle represents a casualty in the Civil War battle which triggered the release of the
Emancipation Proclamation penned by Abraham Lincoln.

And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.
And there are more;
Each light a casualty.

And there are more;

I think that most of the men who go to war for us,,, those who see combat,,, never come back.
I don't mean that they actually lose their lives (although many do),,, but the men who went don't come back.

It is a sacrifice which is unintended and unexpected by them and us.
A sacrifice which will never find a place to rest until Christ returns.
A sacrifice whose symptoms are most often treated with drugs,
but whose cause can only be calloused over
as they attempt to slog forward with their lives.

It is a sacrifice they and we can do nothing about, except to appreciate,
and hope,
and pray,
for their ability to carry on.


Linked here is some information that you might look upon as a gift from me to you.
The link anyway,,,, the info belongs to the linked websites.

If you happen to feel a little rumble,,,, maybe the dishes rattle just a little or something falls over for no apparent reason,,,, you might just have experienced a very small earthquake.

You can check it out after such occasions anyway.
Arizona has been getting a little shaking just today,,,, 7/11/2014.

Did you feel it?

And if your electronic devices have been acting a little funky, you might want to check out this link.
The peaks indicate activity that will affect electronic devices.  The x-ray chart is particularly telling.
Yesterday some television signals were disrupted (often called technical difficulties)
and the cell phone acted up a little.
Did you notice anything?

It is amazing to me how much the sun affects our daily lives,,,,
warmth (cow poots and lawnmowers notwithstanding) cold and otherwise.

I hope you enjoy the links.

Psalms 23:2, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters."Psalms 23:2, "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters."
There Is Beauty To Be Found All Over The World
Here we find it in Walenstatdberg, Switzerland

Charles Bryant Edwards